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This time machine is completely legal and ready to go

What would you do if time could travel back? Stop Hitler! Stop Lincoln being shot in that theater. How can you keep Justin Bieber young off YouTube? Craigslist Palm Springs has a legit looking ad that will allow you to make your time travel plans a reality.

Craigslist Palm Springs

This time machine is moderately used. It has been sitting for several years, and needs some repairs. The power crystals are gone, and the casing of one of the stabilizers has cracked slightly after a temporal distortion in 2013. In 2013, there was a temporal distortion event. It also caused a cooling tank to burst. There will be some rewiring and soldering and a fusion core. These last two images are a test run. They do not include the water pump and the working displacment dampeners.

All that and more? Wait, what about moderate use? Holy crap. Someone has already been tampering with the timeline. Scott, you are awesome! This is why you haven’t won the lottery as much as you should. It’s the stupid butterfly effect. It’s okay.

Craigslist OKC is offering the time machine for only a grand, which may seem like a bargain. However, the current owner acknowledges that it had some “unforeseen consequences” and they will not be able “to return to my own time”.


Craigslist Palm Springs allows people to post their items. Browse for goods from different regions around the globe. CCL is an online classified and social networking site and marketplace that offers free job postings, housing and items for sale. There are also sections that cater to local communities. One section of the website is called Palm Springs. This section is for those who are looking to sell or buy a used vehicle, find jobs or purchase a home.

Craigslist Palm Springs for Rent and Buy

Craigslist Palm Springs can be a great place for finding a house to rent, a roommate or a pet. You can also find a place to volunteer, host a party or cafe, meet someone, or offer a service.

Palm Springs Homes for Sale

Craigslist Palm Springs has 7,500 members. It is located approximately 80 miles west from Los Angeles in the Coachella Valley.

Palm Springs Furnished Apartments

We have everything you need, whether you are looking for a house or an apartment. CRAIGSLIST DAYTON has the most up-to-date Palm Springs and Ventura County realty for rent and sale. You can find apartments and properties for sale. Make sure you use the filters to search for the home that interests you.

Craigslist also airs “The Voice”, a NBC TV program

Craigslist Toledo is a popular “Peek Around” site for those looking to rent or buy items locally. You can find public agencies, businesses, people, and getaways listed under the usual categories such as real estate, jobs and personals. This is also where “The Voice” airs each week. Craigslist has all the features you need to help you find the perfect home or sing the right song.

El Patio opened in Palm Springs at the beginning of the pandemic, which was a concern for many businesses. The small business discovered that social media could be a game-changer in their ability to attract new customers. Francisco Sanchez, co-owner, says that social media has been a huge help to him.

Craigslist Killer Sentenced to Life in Prison: Coachella Valley

COACHELLA VALLEY (CA) — A Mexican citizen who claimed he was owed money to a Mexican drug cartel pleaded guilty Monday to the 2014 murder of a Cathedral City resident. The Riverside County District Attorney’s Office confirmed that the sentence was life imprisonment without parole.

According to John Hall, the district attorney’s spokesperson, Gabriel Gaytan Cardenas was sentenced on Friday. He entered into a plea agreement, which allowed him to avoid a possible death sentence.

Cardenas was arrested for murder and two other special circumstances in the Nov. 11, 2014. slayings of Victor Mendoza (46 years old), whose body was discovered in Coachella desert one week after Cardenas met him. He was shot in the back of his head once.

According to a declaration submitted in support of an arrest warrant by Sheriff’s Investigator Sean Freeman, the pair met when Cardenas, who was in Fontana at that time, responded to Mendoza’s Craigslist Austin advertisement to sell his Mercedes-Benz.

Mendoza initially expressed concerns about Cardenas and asked for a friend to accompany him on the trip. According to the declaration, she told authorities that she saw Mendoza, who was sitting outside Del Taco in Palm Desert. Then, they drove off.

Mendoza’s friend spoke to him via phone shortly afterwards and stated that he was acting strangely. According to the declaration, the defendant called Mendoza later on Mendoza’s phone and said that Mendoza had accidentally left the car behind after selling it.

Mendoza was reported missing on the next day

Cardenas was arrested by authorities on November 17, 2014. Cardenas was driving a car he had stolen from his father and son that day. He had also posted a Craigslist advertisement.

According to Freeman, Cardenas told authorities that Mendoza was driving Mendoza’s Mercedes-Benz on the first day they met.

According to the declaration, the father claimed that his car was stolen by Cardenas at gunpoint. However, the defendant later admitted to murdering Mendoza. Later, investigators found his phone number in the records of both victims.

Cardenas said to the son and father, “This is where you end your life,” before letting them go. According to the declaration, they drove off in their car.

Cardenas, who was later arrested, told investigators that he was in debt with a Mexican drug cartel. Freeman claims this statement. The body was found near Tyler Street and Avenue 47 by Cardenas. Freeman reports that he initially claimed Mendoza was being delivered by the cartel to him, but he later admitted to the murder.