48 Chevy Truck: Model Years Identification Guide

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The 48 Chevy trucks have seen a lot of changes over the years. Each model year and each generation has unique features that help to redefine what a pickup can do. Classic Industries is dedicated to providing restoration parts for owners of timeless pickups, while also preserving their heritage. We have created a visual guide that will help you identify the 48 Chevy Truck model years, and explain their differences. This article will cover the 1947-1959 Chevrolet 1948 chevy truck, one year at a.

These images have been scanned from original documentation and preserve the sub-models that were built on the 48 chevy truck legends platform. Each year and each generation are given important notes.

1946 – Early 1947

Sometimes a truck customer orders is called 1947, but the body design actually is 1946. This can cause confusion when ordering parts. This can be due to two reasons:

(1) In many factories, the 1946 design was kept on-going through March 1947.

(2) An early 1947 is not shown in the GM “Master Parts Catalog”. This year is always referred to as the 1947-55 1st Series “Advanced Body Style”.

Late 1947 48 Chevy Truck

This was the first body of the new Advanced Design series, introduced in May 1947. The gas tank is now under the front section of the bed. Nine wood planks for the bed. Tailgate stamped with truck name. The bed is approximately 3 inches wider than the previous style. The vacuum wiper was moved below the windshield to the right. Hood emblem in late 1947 is die cast metal. The window around the door is made of black rubber. It is secured by metal strips that are screwed into place. Screwed in place is the center bow of the headliner. The hood side emblems read CHEVROLET AND THRIFTMASTER. All 1952 chevy truck have non-synchromesh three and four speed transmissions with no external linkage or floor shifters. The emergency brake handle can be found on the right side of the floorshifter. Serial numbers: EP 1/2-ton, ER 3/4-ton, ES 1-ton, etc.

19-48 Chevy Truck 

1948 models are very similar with some minor differences to late 1947 models. The new three-speed transmission uses column shift and linkage attached to the case side. The 1948 emergency brake has been moved to the left side of the vehicle and is now operated by a foot. Serial numbers: FP 1/2 ton, FR 3/4 ton, FS 1 ton, etc.

1949 Chevy Truck

In 1949, the chrome-plated steel Hood emblem was introduced. The THRIFTMASTER chrome emblem on Chevrolet light chevy trucks‘ hood states, as in 1947 and 1948. Large trucks have a large truck side emblem that reads LOADMASTER. The gas tank is now behind the seat in the cab. Serial numbers: GP 1/2 ton, GR 3/4 ton, GS 1 ton, etc.A