Common Aircon Installation Mistakes You Should Know

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While operating an air conditioner seems simple in Singapore, it is a complicated machine that relies on the normal operation of various components. Therefore, small mistakes in the installation of air conditioners will seriously affect its work. You can contact our Singapore cheap aircon service for more aircon servicing price .Here are seven common mistakes you should avoid when installing an air conditioner.

  1. Improper sizing system

Installing an oversized air conditioning system in Singapore can result in improper humidity control, high operating costs and uncomfortable temperature changes. However, if the system size is too small, you will not get enough cooling, you will get high energy costs, and the service life of the equipment will be shorter. Therefore, it is very important to contact a reputable air conditioning contractor and run the appropriate load cycle before installing the air conditioner. A contractor technician will visit your property and take measurements on windows, ceilings, floors, walls, etc. They will check the insulation and consider other factors before determining the cooling capacity needed for your home.

  1. The position of the air conditioner is wrong

It is very important to install the air conditioner in the right location as it affects its energy efficiency. Put your air conditioner in a cool place so it doesn’t have to work harder to cool your home. When installing a window air conditioner, make sure it is tilted slightly backwards for proper drainage. It is best to install the air conditioner in a cool place, but make sure it is not obstructed by trees and shrubs. Proper ventilation is essential for effective air conditioning operation, and it will ensure that energy costs are kept to a minimum.

  1. Improper insulation

Proper room insulation is an important factor. For window air conditioners, it is important that the open area between the upper and lower panes must be filled with insulating foam. Window air conditioners have special thermal insulation boards, which can provide better thermal insulation effect. For split air conditioners, it is important to install pipes with the correct size. The size of the air duct is calculated based on the load cycle. Any error will lead to improper cooling system efficiency and initial equipment failure. Ducts that are not tightly closed can also cause problems as they can cause cooling air to leak, thus increasing the workload of the air conditioning unit.

  1. Thermostat position error

Always make sure that the thermostat is not in close proximity to lights or any other heating devices. If the thermostat is often exposed to high temperatures, your electric bill will increase because your air conditioner will work overtime. Overworked air conditioners can lead to improper cooling, unhealthy humidity levels and increased maintenance costs. In addition, excessive use of air conditioners will shorten its service life.

  1. Poor indoor air quality

Indoor air pollution is a major problem, which reduces the efficiency of air conditioning. There are several things in the house that can cause indoor air pollution, such as mold, carpet, pollen, resin, mold, etc. If the air is not well distributed or exposed to high humidity environment, indoor air pollution will increase. These contaminants will affect the operation of the air conditioner and affect its overall performance. However, by choosing a reputable contractor, you can solve this problem easily as they will advise you on the steps that need to be taken to reduce pollution in your home. In addition, the contractor can give you advice on other equipment, which will help you eliminate air pollutants.

  1. Do not check for leaks

When installing an air conditioner, it is important to check the level of refrigerant or Freon in the air conditioning system. Any leak will cause a lot of health problems, and a loss of only 10% Freon or refrigerant will result in an additional 20% of the electricity bill. Many times installers do not check for water leaks because they assume this is a new air conditioning system, but sometimes the system breaks down during the installation process, which can lead to water leaks.

  1. Wrong choice of contractor

Many are not used to installing aicon. Therefore, they choose to hire professionals who can do the work for them. However, when choosing a professional contractor, they mistakenly choose a professional contractor who requires the lowest rates. You must be aware that a trained professional will perform the wrong air conditioner installation and will damage your windows or air conditioning equipment during the installation process. Therefore, you need choose the proper Singapore aircon installation company in Singapore.