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Miami Star Truck Parts is dedicated to providing high-quality truck parts and accessories for our customers. We currently stock over 14,000 parts for Class 6, 7, 8 and 8 vehicles. This number is growing because we strive to offer our customers an easy shopping experience that allows them to find many of their items in one location.

Miami Star Truck Parts, LLC, Medley, FL was approved for a Paycheck Protection loan of $538,500 by Truist Bank d/b/a Branch Banking & Trust Co. This loan was approved in April 2020.

The SBA reports this loan’s status as “Paid In Full”, which covers both loans that have been repaid and those that have been forgiven. This is in accordance with the PPP guidelines. The status of the loan was last updated by SBA in June 2021.

It may be possible to calculate the payroll expenses a company has submitted on their PPP application using the standard PPP eligibility calculation (see details below). Miami Star Truck Parts, LLC estimates that its 2019 payroll expenses will be at least $2.58M to be eligible for the PPP loan amount.

Ultimate Guide to 15 Big Rig Chrome Shop Locations

Accessories for all types of miami real estate are available at this big rig chrome shop, including Freightliner and Peterbilt, Kenworths, Volvos, Volvos, Mac, Volvo, Kenworths, Volvo, Volvo, Volvo, Mac. Empire Chrome Shop is the country’s largest big-rig chrome shop.

This big rig chrome shop has also enjoyed great success because their entire staff is familiar with the facts and figures of the American trucking industry.

Empire Chrome Shop offers a wide range of exterior and interior accessories. Empire Chrome Shop has a large selection of chrome accessories for big rig trucks.

Big Rig Chrome Shop No.11: Miami Star Truck Parts & Chrome Shop

Miami Star Truck Parts and Chrome Shop offers a complete chrome shop. You can also find truck parts and chrome accessories in this large rig chrome shop. enjoy your miami Star offers truck parts and chrome accessories that will fit all makes and models of trucks.

Big Rig Chrome Shop No.12: Meca Truck Chrome & Accessories Inc

Meca Truck Chrome & Accessories is located in spent in miami, South Florida. This big rig chrome shop is a family-owned business. More specifically, its founders and employees have always found a way that meets customers’ needs.

Meca Truck Chrome & Accessories has divided its company into four parts to ensure that they can meet all customer needs. This includes the physical store, service bays and website.