The Best Places to Buy a House in 2023: Southern Charms and Tech Hubs

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So, you’re thinking of buying a house this year? Well, 2023 is shaping up to be quite the year for real estate, especially in the South. With rising homeownership costs in many parts of the U.S., some cities are emerging Home Improvement Ideas as hotspots due to their relative affordability and robust job markets. Let’s dive into the best places to buy a house in 2023.

Top Picks in the South

  1. Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Marietta, Georgia
    • Median home price: $371,200
    • Why it’s hot: Major tech companies like Apple and Microsoft have set up shop here, boosting the job market. Plus, over 20% of renters can afford a median-priced home, which is impressive!
  2. Raleigh, North Carolina
    • Median home price: $460,500
    • Why it’s hot: It’s a fast-growing tech hub. Despite its higher median home price, local listing prices are stabilizing, and the job market is thriving.
  3. Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, Texas
    • Median home price: $390,100
    • Why it’s hot: Another tech hub with job growth nearly double the national average. The supply of homes increased in 2022, making it a buyer’s market.

… and the list goes on, with cities like Fayetteville in Arkansas, Greenville in South Carolina, and Huntsville in Alabama making the cut.

Why the South?

You might be wondering, “Why are all these cities in the South?” Well, it’s not just about the sweet tea and warm weather. These cities offer a blend of affordability, job opportunities, and quality of life that’s hard to beat.


  • Why are tech hubs emerging as top places to buy?
    • Tech companies bring in jobs, which boosts the local economy. This, in turn, attracts more residents and increases demand for housing.
  • Is it all about affordability?
    • Not just. While affordability is a key factor, job growth, housing supply, and overall quality of life play crucial roles too.
  • How do these cities compare to the national average?
    • Many of these cities, despite their growth, remain more affordable than the national median, making them attractive options for potential homeowners.


The South is rising, not just in terms of temperature but also as a real estate hotspot. If you’re considering buying a house in 2023, these cities offer a mix of affordability, job opportunities, and a high quality of life. So, are you ready to make a move?