How to fix worn Spots in hardwood floors?

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Hardwood floors with spots or stains can cause eye pain. This is a common problem with hardwood floors and you’ve probably experienced it at one time or another.

Worn spots are most commonly found in areas with heavy foot traffic.

Hardwood floors can be difficult to repair. It takes planning and execution to cover the spot smoothly. The floor’s existing finish type will match the new cover. This is known as spot repair by professionals.

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Is it because my hardwood floor has soiled spots?

  • Spots on hardwood floors are usually caused by abuse.
  • But abuse can come in many forms, which we will discuss in this section.
  • It is hard to repair worn hardwood floors if you don’t first diagnose the cause.
  • Here are some ways worn spots may appear.

1. Pet Waste

This is the most common abuse of hardwood floors. This is especially true when the hardwood floor is neglected for a prolonged period of time.

Remember that pet waste is very acidic. If pet waste is not treated quickly, acidity can seep into wood and cause irreparable damage.

It doesn’t matter how long your pet has been on your floors. It is the time your pet has been out that matters most.

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2. High Traffic & Other Forces

Hardwood floors are most damaged by heavy foot traffic. This should be considered when you are trying to repair worn spots.

These dents can appear small but they eventually get more severe when the finish is applied. These dents will eventually become spots.

No matter what hardwood flooring type you have, it will eventually start to show wear. It’s normal to be concerned. It’s all perfectly normal. The question now is when hardwood floors will notice these spots.

3. Humidity & Moisture

Humidity can also cause hardwood floors to lose their natural colors and sheen. Because woods are sensitive to moisture storage, humidity can cause wood damage. The damage to wood can be minimized as long as it is not stored. Humidity can cause damage to hardwood floors.

4. Sunlight exposure

  • Some hardwood floors can be sensitive to sunlight. The floors can change in color due to prolonged sunlight exposure.
  • This is the main purpose of the finish. Wood floors that are not well finished will most likely wear out sooner than anticipated.

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5. Finishes of low quality

Low-quality or sub-par finishes not only are ineffective at restoring wooden floors, but they also trap moisture which can cause further damage. They can also trap moisture and dry out wood’s minerals, which can cause further damage.

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Certain finishes can cause damage to hardwood floors, particularly subpar finishes

The wood’s high chemical content makes it more vulnerable to external forces and decreases its resistance against damage.