The winter is here! It’s time to put away your outdoor furniture made of wicker

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The winter is here! It’s time to put away your outdoor furniture made of wicker


Outdoor furniture made of wicker is more durable if it’s not frequently used or being used in the winter months when it is cold. This will stop any normal wear and tear. The furniture you have for your outdoor is designed Home Improvement for outdoor use. It is recommended to give your furniture a little more attention every year to ensure its appearance and durability. The furniture you have purchased from wicker is best stored in a dry, cool space far from direct sunlight. It can increase the lifespan of your furniture made from wicker up to a couple of years by doing this.

Wicker Furniture Components

Outdoor furniture made of wicker has been constructed with elements that can be used in all weather. The resin is impervious to cracks and brittleness and also has metal frames that are resistant to corrosion. However, nobody lasts for ever. It is possible to preserve your furniture better by knowing more about resin Wicker.

  • Resin Wicker Components
  • Resin wicker is composed of three parts.
  • Resin Cane
  • Metal Frame
  • Outdoor Cushions
  • Resin Is Susceptible

The length of time each component will last will be determined by its composition. The resin is the primary component. While today’s resins are extremely excellent, they are also susceptible to certain conditions.

  • It is composed of various resin components, which give its strength and durability.
  • Without inhibitors, UV rays from the sun could cause the resin to degrade.
  • The temperature can affect shrinkage and expansion in the resin.

Storage Tips

Resin breaks down more quickly and more easily when the mix of resin ingredients is not as good, as occurs in low-quality resins. They are commonly called “cheap” Wicker Set. They are more degradable than higher-quality resins when compared with those that are made from higher-quality resins. This can’t be avoided. Even storage can’t stop it from occurring for long enough.

Maintain your resin wicker in good shape by keeping it away from the direct sun and within a cool place. It is recommended to store your furniture inside because it will not shrink because of extreme cold. It is also possible to store your furniture made of wicker inside to lessen the chances of cracks or pull-outs. This is due to the length of the cane was not enough to stand up to shrinking.


Keep cushions in an air-tight, dry and cool location, far from mice and pests. This can reduce the chance of fading and damage caused by animals.

The best option is to place your cushions and furniture in a garage or basement. It is possible to store your furniture in a garage that is attached or basement, however it is recommended to protect it with a sturdy cover.

It is possible to keep your furniture safe during winter by cleaning it , and then placing it in storage to be prepared for spring.