Ideas for Backyard Shades

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Shade ideas for outdoor use to cool off in summer heat

1. Sail shades

Sail shades come in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can attach them to trees, your home’s side, or posts using cables and screws hooks. To create more coverage, you can overlap the shades.

The project cost is $70 for a 12 x 16-foot sail shade. A sail shade and an installation hardware kit are required.

2. Retractable awning

Motorized and manual retractable awnings can provide shade for your deck or patio when you most need it.

Project costs: Prices vary depending on the size of the project and whether it includes features. They can range from $200 to more than $1,000.

3. Gazebo

Gazebos can be used in parks and backyards. You can make a gazebo from wood or metal. You can make them permanent or you can take them down at the end.

Project Cost: A round cedar gazebo kit can be purchased for $2,500, or a metal pop up gazebo for less than $200.

4. Outdoor curtains

Outdoor curtains add shade and privacy to your outdoor space. For a complete look, attach them to your pergola, cabana, or gazebo.

Project Cost: Less than $30 for grommet-topped, water-resistant curtains

5. Trees

Mother Nature approves of backyard shade options. Weeping willows are a fast-growing shade tree that can be grown in a short time. This will provide both beauty and protection against the heat from the sun.

Project Cost: Starter trees are less than $30, but mature trees start at $75.

6. Pergola

You are looking for outdoor shade options that can be used for entertaining? Shaded pergolas are a great option for small gatherings.

Cost of the project: A pergola measuring 12 x 10 ft with adjustable shade and a cost of $900 will be constructed.

7. Market umbrella with DIY stand

Although market umbrellas can be reasonably priced, their stands are often more expensive than the actual umbrella. This holder is both inexpensive and clever.

Project Cost: Under $40 for a market umbrella. $35 for the custom-made stand. The cost of the custom stand will be lower if you have spare parts. You will need a planter and wood.

8. Offset cantilever patio umbrella

An offset patio umbrella cantilever patio umbrella will transform your backyard shade. It rotates 360 degrees so you can block the sun exactly where it is needed. This offset design allows for more seating as well as cooling down underneath.

Project Cost: $150 for a 10-foot fabric umbrella.

9. Outdoor rolling sunshades

Rolling sun shades can be thought of as blinds for the outside. For maximum sun protection, they can be attached to a pergola or any other structure.

For a shade that is 6-foot by 6-foot in width and 6-foot in length, the project cost will be less than $100.

10. Sliding canvas roman shades

You can adjust the shade of your sunroom by attaching canvas roman shades to cables. For relaxation and rest, add a few loungers.

Cost of the project: You can either make your own cover using PVC pipe, sailcloth and wire cable, or buy a premade one. Both covers will cost less than $200