How to prepare for a roof replacement: Practical tips

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A new roof can bring joy to the whole family. The opportunity to make your home look and feel new is something you look forward to. Your pets and children will enjoy watching roofers tear down and haul away their roofs. For more than 20 years, Roofer Springfield Tn have been operating in the roofing & home construction industries.

However, roofers will soon make your home a work area. This can lead to stress if you don’t prepare.

Roof repairs in Nashville will make sure your roof replacement goes smoothly. However, there are some safety precautions you can take to ensure your family is prepared for the big job.

Continue reading to learn ten great tips to ensure a smooth and stress-free roof replacement.

Take down wall decorations

While the roof is being replaced, you might feel some vibrations. But don’t worry. It’s not unusual. Vibrations can be caused by hammering on your roof. They can also affect walls, particularly those on the top floors.

To prevent items from falling off the walls or getting damaged, you should remove them before they fall. Mirrors, paintings, frames, photos and other similar items are all acceptable.

Move Your Vehicle

Your roofer will appreciate the free use of your parking space. It is also a safety precaution for you.

We will be coming to your house to load and unload our tools, shingles, and other debris. It is much easier if we can do this right beside the house. You can also prevent any accidental scratches or damage to your car by moving it away from the work area.

Take into consideration your children and pets

A roof replacement job site can be overwhelming for pets and children, just like any other job site.

Talk to your children and explain that they will be unable to access certain areas during the roof replacement. If your children or pets are unable to understand the dangers, it might be a good idea for them to stay with their friends during roof replacement.

Clear out your Yard and Move Your Patio Furniture

  • You can organize your yard and patio to your advantage and protect your belongings.
  • If you don’t have the space, store them in the yard.
  • This will make your workplace safer and prevent any damage.

Protect your belongings in the attic

Your roofers will use a hammer to hit the roof when replacing it. Some debris and dust may end up in the attic.

To protect your personal items, we recommend that you cover them. If they are fragile or valuable, it is best to take them out of the attic during the roof replacement.

Prune the Trees, and Cut the Grass

You should trim all branches that are near your roof before the contractors start to work. This will allow them to have full access to your roof.

You might also consider cutting the grass prior to the work starts. After replacing the roof, it will be much easier to remove any dirt, debris, or nails.

Disconnect Satellite Dishes and Antennas

Before you replace your roof, remove any antennas or satellite dishes that are located near the roof. You should not do this yourself. Instead, contact your provider to have them remove the antennas and satellite dishes, and reinstall them after you replace the roof.

Roofers are also available to help remove satellite dishes and antennas. If it is an old unit, they can dispose of it for free.

Locate Power Outlets Accessible

Access to power outlets is essential for contractors. You should have power outlets available to your contractors. If you don’t have them, they can be used in the garage.

If you find that the distance between the roofers’ work place and the power outlet is too far, purchase an extension cord immediately. It will pass through any windows or doors.

Safety is important so no one trips over the cord. It is best to place it where there is least traffic.

Windows Security

We mentioned earlier the possibility of vibrations and debris falling off the roof. This can scratch or damage windows.

It is best to secure windows with boards during roof replacement, or until the old roof is removed completely.

Let Your Neighbors Know

Finally, it’s a good neighborly thing to talk to your neighbors about your roof replacement plans so they can prepare and be informed.

They will be grateful and have the opportunity to change their schedules, if necessary.