15 Bathroom Remodel Ideas

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15 Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Renovating your bathroom can add value to your home and update its design. It will also make it more adaptable to your personal needs. Renovations are a great time to make improvements that will last for many years. Consider making these key changes to your bathroom if you are looking at remodeling. A certified bathroom designer can help you create a cohesive design.

1 Select a Low-Flow and Hidden-Tank Toilet

Hidden tanks are toilets that have the water storage vessel mounted inside the wall. They offer several advantages. These are great for small bathrooms as they can help save space. They are also compatible with contemporary and modern bathroom designs. It is important to remember that the tank can be hard to maintain, and it is difficult to access the tank’s inner workings if they need attention.

A low-flow toilet is another option. These toilets save water every time you flush. These models are smart and will not only lower your water bill, but also increase your home’s value.

2 Install small, textured tiles on your shower floor

During your bathroom remodel, you’ll have many options for flooring, wall and tile options. Your shower’s floor tile is the most important thing for safety. Consider a smaller, more textured tile for your shower. You will not slip if the tile is wet from the texture and extra grouting.

Modern bathroom tiles are simple to clean and have grouts that resist mold, moisture, and stains. There are many styles of porcelain and ceramic tiles. You can mix and match colors and patterns to create a unique look, or go for something more subtle for a harmonious effect.

3 Install a 2-inch drain pipe

It is a subtle and insignificant improvement. It will make a huge difference in your bathroom’s functionality.

PVC pipes measuring 1.5 inches to 1.25 inches are the most common bathroom drain plumbing. This drain pipe is susceptible to clogging, especially if there are multiple family members who use the same bath or shower. It is approximately the same price to install drain pipe 2 inches in diameter. This will greatly improve the drainage quality in your bathroom.

4 Include a Window in Your Shower

Humidity is one of the greatest enemies to a clean bathroom. It can cause mold and mildew. Natural ventilation is the best, even though a bathroom fan can make a huge difference.

A window in the shower can help draw out humidity. The bathroom will also benefit from natural light, both for safety and aesthetic reasons. A window will save you energy and mean you won’t waste time turning on the bathroom light every day. Make sure to slope the sill of your shower window so that water drains from it. Frosted glass is also a privacy option.

5 Add a Recessed Cabinet to Your Medicine Cabinet

A recessed medicine cabinet over the vanity will give you more storage space, but it won’t compromise on style. Recessed cabinets are usually not expensive, and it is an extra job on the wall.

A recessed medicine cupboard is especially helpful if your vanity is shorter. It will allow you to use the sink without having to reach for it, as opposed to a cabinet that protrudes from the wall. You won’t have to worry about hitting your head against the cabinet’s edge.

6 Tips to Improve Lighting

Consider changing or adding lighting to your bathroom to enhance the functionality and atmosphere. A dimmer switch for the main light is an excellent lighting option. You know that relaxing baths are not as enjoyable in dimmed lighting. You can set the mood with a dimmer.

To give you the best lighting when doing hair, makeup, or any other task that requires a lot of light, install recessed fixtures around your mirror. Consider adding lighting to the shower rather than just around it. Your showers might be safer and more enjoyable if they are properly lit.

7 Optional: Make the Tub

Even if you don’t take baths, a bathtub may not be necessary. Although some real estate professionals believe that a bathroom with tub is more appealing to potential buyers than one with only a shower, this is not true today.

You can also have a second family bathroom with a tub, or a combination tub/shower, so you don’t need to remove the tub from your main bathroom. The main concern should be how you intend to use your bathroom.

8 Sticks with a Small Tub

When installing a bathtub in a bathroom remodel, remember that not all bathtubs are equal. Once, large bathtubs were the norm. Today’s bathrooms have sleeker tubs. You don’t have to spend a lot if you don’t need a large tub that you can use for relaxation.

A smaller tub takes up less space in the bathroom. This allows for more storage and countertop space. They require less energy and water to fill. They also require less space to clean than large tubs.

9 Options for Heating Flooring

Consider adding heated flooring to your bathroom remodel. Heating floors are easy to install and can add value to your house. They can also save you money in the long-term, since they are more efficient at heating a space than central heating systems.

Heating your bathroom floors can make a big difference to your comfort, especially in colder climates. Bathroom floor tiles are usually naturally cold. Even if the heating is turned off, the tiles can retain heat for a longer time.

Tentative 10: Keep the Main Fixtures Neutral

There are many options when it comes to bathroom fixtures. You should choose the fixtures that you love. It is best to keep the main fixtures neutral, such as the tub, sink, and toilet.

Bathroom style fads can fade quickly. Large fixtures are expensive and can be difficult to replace if they don’t suit your taste. A bathroom that is clearly out of date can have a negative impact on your home’s value. With smaller fixtures and accessories, you can add bolder design flair to your home. They are also easier to replace when the time comes.

11 Take Care of Countertop Materials

Bathroom countertops are available in a variety of styles, just like bathroom fixtures. It is important to balance functionality and appearance when choosing a countertop material.

Natural stone countertops, for example, are quite expensive but very durable. They can be matched with many design styles. Although marble countertops look great, they are porous and require regular sealing. Laminate countertops can be inexpensive but they won’t increase in resale values. Tiled countertops are easy to install but grout lines require frequent cleaning.

12 Prioritize Ventilation

Bathroom remodeling is not all about ventilation. However, a properly ventilated bathroom should be a top priority.

A bathroom vent fan, even though it is not required by code to be installed, can make a great addition. It will remove moisture and odors from the room, which will improve the air quality. It will also prevent mildew and mold growth. It can be used all year, unlike a bathroom window that you might not want to open in cold or wet weather.

13 Low-Flow Showerheads to Consider

Low-flow showerheads are a good option if you plan to replace your existing one during a bathroom remodel. Low-flow showerheads do exactly what they sound like: They pump out less water which can help save hundreds to thousands of gallons each year, depending on how much is used. They are also comparable in price to regular showerheads.

Low-flow showerheads were once criticized for their lack of pressure. You might not notice any difference in pressure between the current models.

14 Storage is an important topic to remember

Although you may be trying to create a spa-like, minimalist space in your bathroom remodel design, make sure to have ample storage. There should be enough storage for all of your bathroom items, with plenty of drawers and shelves, plus some space left over for future purchases.

You need to ensure that the storage is compatible with your daily life. You should choose a vanity that has enough storage to keep the items you use most often at your fingertips. You might end up with them cluttering up your countertops, which could lead to a less beautiful bathroom.

15 Accessories You Should Choose Carefully

It’s important that you choose the right finishing touches for your bathroom. Towel bars with metallic finishes should be chosen that match your faucets. You might also consider spending a little more on soap dispensers that are not as dingy as the old plastic ones.

Don’t overcrowd your bathroom with unnecessary accessories. To see what you actually need, try living with only the essentials for a while. This will allow you to strategically choose items that suit both your style preferences and your life.

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