12 Minimalist wallpaper Ideas for 2021

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Wallpaper is known for its power to transform any room magically and with vengeance. But whether you choose a plain or simple design, you will still be glad and mesmerized as it could rock and achieve the interior you are dreaming of. 

If you are the type of person that loves sleek but simple designs, you probably believe that less is more and go for a minimalist wallpaper design to satisfy your needs. 

In this article, we will be focusing on providing inspiring ideas that will totally capture your minimalist heart. 

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Well, we got you!

It doesn’t have to be boring even if you choose to go plain, instead you could give your room or any space in your home a more contemporary as well as interesting finish you could have imagined. We listed some of the greatest ideas you could use for creating minimalist space for you and your loved ones this 2021.

  • Boho Style

This Phillip Jeffries wallpaper: textured and specialty wallcovering is one of the perfect materials you could try for creating a minimal look for your room.

It obviously grants a sense of elegance and does offer that modern vibe you will love. Enjoy the quality you could get with this branded wallpaper and start to experience its beauty that can be easily matched to your also minimalist furniture and room accessories.

  • Clean and Sleek 

Make your room look classy and sleek using tile-inspired geometric wallpaper. This could bring brightness and character to your room especially to your working area. With a pattern that incorporates a black and white color scheme, you could imagine how they will blend together with accents of detailed and minimal accessories like your book organizers and boxes on your plain colored table. 

  • Minimalist Transitional Dining area

A well-balanced aura of stripes and silk wallpaper by Phillip Jeffries wallpaper. This natural textured wallcovering gives a sleek modern design that could even fit your dining area blended with a sophisticated set of tables and chairs.  

  • Minimalist revamped Kitchen

Our kitchen is a very busy space among all rooms in a house, that is why it is important to maintain a more relaxed space and at the same time maintain a beautiful ambiance that you can achieve using floral or nature-themed wallpaper. Its beauty can be enhanced by doing a minimalist approach with all the utensils, furniture, and appliances in that specific area of your house.

  • Clean and bright Nursery room

Schumacher wallpaper is a true stunner with its clean finish for your nursery room. These wallpapers bring serenity and a comfortable look, especially for your little ones. It is visually appealing to anyone who loves a quiet and cozy space for their child.

  • Brick styles minimalist

A classic brick inspired wallpaper is also a perfect choice for a somewhat rusty but minimalist depending on the overall interior of your living room. It is not going out of style. It also gives character to your house in a very artistic way yet still simple and not overpowering to the eye.

  • Dot is in 

Simple shapes yet stylish, dot designs can offer a playful side of the house owner and can be a minimalist favorite as long as it is perfectly balanced with the rest of accessories and furniture. Dot wallpaper is a gorgeous transforming tool for anyone who loves less.

  • Yellow Kitchen 

Perfect sets of tiled inspired wallpaper for your kitchen is a fun way to transform your space into a bright but still simple and minimalist look. You would just love its finish together with your favorite sets of teapots.

  • Speckled wallpaper themed Bathroom

The powder blue colored background with a whitewashed design is a perfect option for your minimalist bathroom. You can feel a relaxing sea breeze right in the corner of your home. You can actually see how beautifully it blended with your black, white, and silver-colored accessories. 

  • Asymmetric Wallpaper 

Who says that powder rooms could never be this awesome. This Asymmetric wallpaper is a new way of redefining this part of your house. Make your guest feel welcome and be amazed by the minimalist look you could create with these wallpapers.

  • Master’s Bedroom with Wood Wallpaper

A wood inspired wallpaper is a perfect material for creating a simple yet cozy master’s bedroom. It allows your room to be a comfortable sleeping place while achieving a minimalist finish with just a set of nice lighting that enhances the beauty of your blankets and overall interior.

  • Bright and Minimalist Attic Room

You can never go wrong with this Schumacher bird and butterflies wallpaper that could transform your attic room in to a wonderful place where you can relax with a nature-based design. Enjoy the minimalist style finish you can achieve using this design paired with light color schemed furniture and accessories.